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Surname: Otero Given Name: Santos Antonio Sex: M
Place of Birth: Reinos de Castilla Date of Birth: 01/01/1722 Order:
Place of Death: Date of Death: Cause of Death:
Race or Tribe: Español Residence: Agua Caliente; Horcasitas; Tubac Title: Mercante; Witness in the first investigation of the Pima uprising in December of 1751
Place of Service: Burial Place: Translation: (Spanish)
Notes: His birthdate is not exact -- he was 29 years old in 1751 at the time of the Pima uprising. He made the following statement under oath about the Pima uprising:

The villages in which the hostilities, burnings, and killings were committed are Sáric, where Captain General Luis is a native, Tubutama, Santa Teresa, Oquitoa, Átil, Pitiquito, Caborca, Bisani, San Miguel de Sonoitac, Busani, Aquimuri, Arizona, and Arivaca. In these villages, as well as the Realito de Oquitoa, a few more than one hundred persons of both sexes and all ages are counted dead. Among these the said Comisario Cristóbal Yañes, Romero, and Nava perished. The Reverend Fathers Tomás Tello and Enrique Ruhen, missionaries of Caborca and San Miguel de Sonoitac, also died. All of these fatalities took place on the twentieth and twenty-first of last month. Santos Antonio de Otero, San Ignacio, December 10, 1751 (AGI, Guadalajara 419, 3m-36, pages 29-30)

Event Relationship [5 Records]

Event ID: 381 Relationship: Godfather Event Date: 03/06/1749 View Document A  
Event ID: 2616 Relationship: Witness Event Date: 05/05/1755    
Event ID: 2617 Relationship: Witness Event Date: 05/03/1756    
Event ID: 2791 Relationship: Godfather Event Date: 12/24/1755    
Event ID: 2792 Relationship: Godfather Event Date: 01/20/1756    
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