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Personal Information

Surname: Gallo Given Name: Matías Sex: M
Place of Birth: Date of Birth: Order: Franciscan
Place of Death: Date of Death: Cause of Death:
Race or Tribe: Residence: Pitiquito Title: Misionero (OFM)
Place of Service: Pitiquito; Santa Ana Burial Place: Translation: (Spanish)
Notes: Matías Gallo was born in Cantabria, Spain, about 1744. He was one of the first group of Querétaran friars to come to Sonora after the Jestuit expulsion in 1768. Although he was at Pitic from then until his departure in 1775, he evidently was at either Santa Ana or San Ignacio helping Father Zuñiga for awhile in 1778 (as seen by two known baptisms and a marriage that he performed at Santa Ana, or at San Ignacio on behalf of Santa Ana residents). Father Gallo died in January of 1781.

Event Relationship [5 Records]

Event ID: 4306 Relationship: Priest Event Date: 04/01/1778    
Event ID: 4307 Relationship: Priest Event Date: 04/11/1778    
Event ID: 7986 Relationship: Priest Event Date: 04/14/1776 View Document A  
Event ID: 7987 Relationship: Priest Event Date: 09/30/1776 View Document A  
Event ID: 8595 Relationship: Priest Event Date: 05/14/1778 View Document A  
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