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Personal Information

Surname: Bezerra Nieto Given Name: María Rosa Sex: F
Place of Birth: Janos, Chihuahua Date of Birth: Order:
Place of Death: Tubac Date of Death: 10/14/1760 Cause of Death: Old Age
Race or Tribe: Española Criolla Residence: Janos; Fronteras; Divisadero Title: Hija de Antonio Bezerra Nieto; Mujer del Capitán Juan Bautista de Anssa; Buried in the church at Guevavi
Place of Service: Fronteras, Basochuca, Divisadero Burial Place: Guevavi-in the church, beneath the altar steps Translation: (Spanish)
Notes: Born at Janos, Chihuahua, in the late 1600's or early 1700's, she was the widow of the of the late Captain Juan Bautista de Anza and mother of the Anza clan. She was the daughter of Antonio Bezerra Nieto, former Captain of the Presidio of Janos, and Gregoria Catarina Gómez de Silva. She lived with her family on the Divisadero Ranch in the San Luis Valley from the mid-1740's until her youngest son was made Captain at Tubac in December of 1759. Sometime shortly after that she moved to Tubac with his family, where she lived until her death.

Event Relationship [18 Records]

Event ID: 406 Relationship: Deceased Event Date: 10/14/1760 View Document A  
Event ID: 419 Relationship: Patrona Event Date: 10/05/1747 View Document A  
Event ID: 1184 Relationship: Midwife Event Date: 09/11/1750    
Event ID: 1201 Relationship: Godmother Event Date: 11/28/1746    
Event ID: 1820 Relationship: Godmother Event Date: 07/07/1754 View Document A  
Event ID: 1991 Relationship: Godmother Event Date: 02/22/1723 View Document A  
Event ID: 1993 Relationship: Godmother Event Date: 03/19/1723 View Document A  
Event ID: 1994 Relationship: Godmother Event Date: 05/19/1723 View Document A  
Event ID: 1995 Relationship: Godmother Event Date: 03/27/1724 View Document A  
Event ID: 1997 Relationship: Godmother Event Date: 09/16/1724 View Document A  
Event ID: 1998 Relationship: Godmother Event Date: 09/17/1724 View Document A  
Event ID: 1999 Relationship: Mother Event Date: 01/17/1725 View Document A  
Event ID: 2000 Relationship: Mother Event Date: 02/02/1725 View Document A  
Event ID: 2002 Relationship: Mother Event Date: 07/07/1736    
Event ID: 2006 Relationship: Godmother Event Date: 01/06/1727 View Document A  
Event ID: 2007 Relationship: Mother Event Date: 06/29/1727 View Document A  
Event ID: 2019 Relationship: Mother Event Date: 03/30/1732    
Event ID: 2252 Relationship: Patrona Event Date: 02/11/1749 View Document A  
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