BELLY RIVER - trail status as of 12:25AM Mountain Time on 8-21-2019
Bear Mountain Overlook
Stoney Indian Pass Trail to Bear Mountain Overlook / 1.7 mi.
Clear. 6/28/2019 per B-11
Belly River Trail
Chief Mtn. Customs to Belly River Ranger Station/ 6.1 mi.
Trail clear. 8/3/2019 per 524 Guillard.

This trail becomes extremely muddy (clay soil) during and immediately after rain or snow.

Trail clear. 8/5/2019 per 224 Neese

Belly River via Lee Ridge Trail
Chief Mtn. Road to Gable Pass Trail Jct./ 6.0 mi.
Initial Clearing Scheduled: 6/13/2019

Lee Ridge Trailhead is located directly off of Hwy. 17 about 1/2 mile before the Chief Mt. Trailhead at the International Border Crossing. There is no parking or sign at the Lee Ridge trailhead, but there is a pullout at the top of the hill about 150 yds north near the "Customs 1/2 mile Ahead" sign.

There is no water available along this trail.

Trail is clear per 824-Moody 6/15/19

Gable Jct. to Belly River Ranger Station/ 3.8 mi.
Trail is clear: 6/29/2019 per B-11

PERMANENT STOCK ADVISORY: Steep, narrow, rocky, class 2 trail, not recommended for stock travel. per 650

There is no water available along this trail.

Cosley Lake Cut-off Trail
Ptarmigan Trail (Dawn Mist) to foot of Cosley Lk./ 2.0 mi.
Clear of trees: 07\2\2019 per B-11 Cosley Ford hand cable is installed, ford 1.5 feet deep at its deepest spot. 7/6/2019 per B-11 If you're not at the hand cable you're not at the shallowest crossing.

Elizabeth Lake Trail (Helen Lake)
Belly River R.S. to foot of Elizabeth Lake Cpgd./ 3.4 mi
Trail clear. 8/5/2019 per 224 Neese
Foot of Elizabeth Lk. to head of Elizabeth Lk.Cpgd./ 1.6
Trail clear. 8/6/2019 per 224 Neese
Head of Elizabeth Lake to Helen Lake/ 2.7 mi.
Helen Lake Trail is clear but brushy. per 524 Guillard 8/3/2019

Foot bridge at Helen lake installed 7/29 2019 per B-10

Trail clear. 8/6/2019 per 224 Neese

Miche Wabun Trail
Former 3-mile Campground to North Fork Belly River/ 4.8 mi.
Projected initial clearing date: 9/7/2019 per 650

Minimum maintenance and unsigned route. Begins with an UNMARKED river ford 3 miles from Belly River trailhead. First mile of trail is not visible in meadow.

Mokowanis Lake Trail
Stoney Indian Pass Trail to Mokowanis Lake / 1.0 mi.
Clear. 6/10/2019 per B12
Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail
Elizabeth Lake to the Ptarmigan Tunnel/ 4.8 mi.
Ptarmigan Tunnel: OPEN 7/11/2019 per 650

Trail clear. per 224 Neese 8/7/2019

Red Gap Pass Trail
Ptarmigan Trail Jct. to Red Gap Pass / 2.6 mi.
Trail is clear. 7/2/2019 per B-11
Stoney Indian Pass Trail (Cosley,Glenns,Mokowanis)
Belly River R. S. to Cosley Lake Cpgd./ 2.7 mi.
Clear. 07/06/2019 per B-11
Cosley Lake Cpgd. to Mokowanis Jct./ 4.5 mi.
Trees clear. 7/06/2019 per B-11
Mokowanis Jct. to Stoney Indian Pass/ 4.7 mi.
Atsina plank bridge installed. Trail is clear of snow to Stoney Indian Pass. 07/31/2019 per 624 Hart.

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