Pets in the Visitor Center and on the Trails

Except for service animals, dogs are not permitted inside the visitor center and museum. The park does, however, allow visitors to take dogs on a leash with them on the Daemonelix and Fossil Hills Trails.

When hiking with a leashed dog, please be respectful of other visitors and the wildlife. Also, be sure to carry a plastic bag so any waste can be picked up, carried to, and deposited in the nearest waste receptacle.

Pet Walking Area

The grassy area immediately north of the visitor center and museum parking lot the monument's designated pet walking area. To ensure your pet's safety, please make sure he or she is on a leash while being walked. The park also asks that you pick up and dispose of any waste in trash receptacles located in parking lot.


Water for pets is available from spigots beside the water fountains in the picnic area adjacent to the visitor center and museum.
Two leashed dogs ready to hike the paved trail to the fossil hills.
Pets are allowed on the trails at Agate Fossil Beds provided their owners sign the Bark Ranger pledge.  Stop by the visitor center for more information.

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Bark Ranger

We have "Junior Ranger" programs to engage your kids . . .

Now we have Bark Ranger to engage you and your four legged Fur-kids!

To be a Bark Ranger at Agate Fossil Beds, you, as a dog's owner, are given a brief activity booklet. It tells you what it means for you and your dog to be great park stewards when visiting national parks and other public lands.

  • Bag your pet’s waste. Help keep your national park clean by collecting and disposing of all dog waste. Public garbage cans are located throughout the park, including at the visitor center, and both trailheads.
  • Always keep your pet on a leash. For the safety and comfort of all the park’s visitors, dogs must be restrained on a leash no longer than 6 feet. We know that sometimes Fido likes to run free, but keeping dogs on leashes will also protect them from ticks, snakes and other wildlife, and other dogs. For your off leash interests please visit our two local dog parks.
  • Respect wildlife. Though we are a fairly small park Agate Fossil Beds can be home to snakes, birds, rabbits, deer, and other wildlife. Pets can harass or harm wildlife by making noise or scaring wildlife away. Please keep your dog at a respectful distance from any animals you may encounter.
  • Know where you can go. Pets are not allowed inside park facilities, including the the visitor center. However, the national park is home to great, paved trails that dogs (and their humans) love!

Additionally, pets should not be left unattended. Summer heat poses a threat to pets left in vehicles.

Plan ahead and prepare. Check out our safety page before you go. Take enough water for you and your dog. Be sure the sun has not made the pavement too hot for your pets paws.

Certified guide animals are an exception to these rules and may accompany their owner to all park locations.


Things To Do With Your Pets

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    Last updated: December 19, 2022

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