Spring Programs

Registration is open for Spring 2018 programs!

Would you like to bring your class to the park on a ranger-guided field trip, or have a ranger present a program at your school? This spring's program offerings are listed below.
We will be accepting spring program reservations beginning early April. Stay tuned for spring program updates.
Submit your request by completing the Field Trip and School Program Request form.

2 students squatting by a tidepool in Acadia National Park
Students tidepooling during Shoreline Discovery

NPS Acadia

Spring Field Trip Programs

Field trips are available April 23 through June 8.

At Home in Acadia: Habitats

2 Hours

Children will investigate what makes the park a good home for plants and animals. Kindergarteners will focus on the components of habitat, and use their senses on an exploratory walk with activity stations.

At Home in Acadia: Adaptations

1st Grade
2 Hours

Children will investigate what makes the park a good home for plants and animals. First graders will learn about how animals and plants are adapted to their environment, and use their senses on an exploratory walk with activity stations.

At Home in Acadia: Pollination

2nd Grade
2 Hours

Children will investigate what makes the park a good home for plants and animals. Second graders will study the relationship between flowering plants and the many animals that pollinate them, and use their senses on an exploratory walk with activity stations.

Shoreline Discovery

3rd Grade
3 Hours
On this trip we’ll be exploring a sheltered part of Acadia’s shoreline called Otter Cove. Many animals call the shoreline home, but there are lots of challenges they must overcome to survive there. Students learn skills to safely explore the intertidal zone with the least impact to the environment.

Carriage Road Explorers

3rd Grade
3-1/2 Hours

Travel by foot along historic broken stone roads passing between the mountains and lakes of Acadia National Park. Enjoy a quieter park experience as you traverse beneath their forests and over their bridges. Hear the stories of the many individuals who played a role in designing, building and protecting this generous gift to the American people.

Carroll Homestead

4th Grade
4 Hours
Students take a walk back in time as they explore the Carroll family homestead and imagine what it would be like to be one of the first European families who lived here, almost 200 years ago. An Educator’s Guide with lesson plans is available.

Tracking Nature's Seasons

5th Grade
3 Hours
When do the first red maple buds open and when is the first spring peeper heard? Phenology is the study of the timing of seasonal events. Students will discover nature’s calendar and make observations along a historic hiking trail that has hundreds of stone stair steps. They will also conduct investigations in the forest to learn how citizens are aiding scientists in protecting Acadia.

The Great Fish Migration

5th–8th Grades
3 hours
Witness the incredible phenomenon of the spring fish migration along the Maine coast. This field trip gives students a firsthand look at schools of alewives (“river herring”) as they return from the ocean along Somes Brook to spawn in fresh water on Mount Desert Island. This is a collaborative program with the Somes-Meynell Wildlife Sanctuary. Students will learn about former land use, life cycles, migratory challenges, food webs, conservation efforts, and impacts of climate change.

Fire & Ice: Discovering Acadia's Geologic Past

6th–8th Grades
4 Hours
Using Acadia as their classroom, students will explore several geologic processes and see how they shape the land including the cycle of deposition versus transport, the formation of the three main rock types, the dynamics of plate tectonics and the movement of glaciers.

Ranger standing with National Park Service arrowhead in hands.
Where in the World is Tuzigoot Program

NPS Acadia

Spring Classroom Programs

Classroom programs are available April 23 through May 25.
We are limited to visiting schools with a travel time of 2 hours or less.

Wildlife & Their Habitats

1st & 2nd Grade
1 Hour

Children learn how Acadia’s habitats provide animals with what they need to survive. This hands-on, interactive “show-and-tell” program includes the use of puppets, imagery, skulls, shells, and more!

Protecting Our Park

3rd & 4th Grade
90 Minutes
How do park rangers and community members protect special places like Acadia? Students explore the current research projects happening in the Park. Then, they become "Junior Scientists" as they study biodiversity and learn to address the challenges facing our environment today. The schoolyard will be utilized as on outdoor classroom!

Bats in Your Backyard

4th–5th Grade
90 minutes
Bats are facing many stresses with the recent spread of the bat disease called white-nose syndrome. Learn about these unique animals through engaging hands-on activities as we debunk myths, review adaptations, and examine their importance. Students collect data during a mock bat research activity and discuss how rangers and students can help protect bats.

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