Bass Harbor Marsh

sunset reflected over green grass and stream
The sun sets on Bass Harbor Marsh in Acadia National Park. Photo by Ashley L. Conti/Friends of Acadia.

Bass Harbor Marsh is located on the western side of Mount Desert Island and is the largest area of salt marsh in Acadia. A small estuary is formed where freshwater streams meet the sea, with brackish (part saltwater, part freshwater) conditions influenced by the twice-daily tides. Bass Harbor Marsh has been severely impacted by invasive plant species that have displaced the native species that support a greater diversity of wildlife.

Together with our partners-in-science, Acadia National Park scientists and volunteers are actively working to remove the problematic plants and restore the health of Bass Harbor Marsh. This research-based effort is also connected to work at the summit of Cadillac Mountain and at the Great Meadow Wetland.

a researcher stands at a table surrounded by green plants, rocks in the background
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blue sky reflects in standing water below green hills
Great Meadow Wetland

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    Last updated: April 5, 2023

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