The First Eastern National Park

People have been drawn to the rugged coast of Maine throughout history. Awed by its beauty and diversity, early 20th-century visionaries donated the land that became Acadia National Park. The park is home to many plants and animals, and the tallest mountain on the U.S. Atlantic coast. Today visitors come to Acadia to hike granite peaks, bike historic carriage roads, or relax and enjoy the scenery.

Why do you love Acadia?

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We asked some visitors what they loved about Acadia, and this is what they told us. Why do you love Acadia?

A typical campground site with a tent, chairs, gear, and a picnic table.


Looking to camp? Blackwoods, Seawall, and Schoodic Woods are the primary campgrounds in the park.

Traffic jam at Blue Hill Overlook with the sunset in the background.

Transportation Planning

How do we provide the best experience for visitors while protecting the natural and cultural resources in Acadia? Join the conversation.

Sunset colors gleam off ice-covered trees near Park Loop Road.

Winter Activities

Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling, with all the schussing through banks and snowflakes, and ice!

Entrance station lines with

Buy and print your pass online

Avoid the lines and buy your weekly or annual pass online before you visit!

Dog on leash on carriage roads.

Visiting with Your Dog

Do you love to travel with your furry, four-legged, family member? This information is for you.

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