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Check in here to learn the latest on the great things volunteers are doing in Acadia National Park. We will post updates on projects, specific individual and group accomplishments, as well as have personal accounts of volunteer experiences posted.

Laura Sebastianelli: Listening For the Song of the Winter Wren in June

August 03, 2020 Posted by: Deidra Smith

Seasonal Bird Migration Volunteer in our Schoodic District of the park describes what inspires her to volunteer!


The Bug Lady

October 25, 2019 Posted by: Sarah Lechich

Citizen Scientist Deb Priest shares her summer project with us.


Meet Campus Hosts Tommy & Sandra Jarrett!

September 16, 2019 Posted by: Tommy and Sandra Jarrett, Phyllis Morris, and Sarah Lechich

2019 Acadia Volunteer Campus Hosts in partnership with Schoodic Institute, Tommy and Sandra Jarrett share their experience volunteering this summer!


A Dream Come True

August 23, 2019 Posted by: Cameron Stites-Stevens

Cameron Stites-Stevens shares his experience this summer at Acadia National Park as an Euducation Intern.


Putting an International Lens on Watershed Questions

July 23, 2019 Posted by: Dianna McKeage

International Volunteer Richard Kunter helps evaluated flood risk at Cromwell Brook Watershed.


Acadia Teacher Fellows 2019- Lynn Hanna

July 19, 2019 Posted by: Mackette McCormack/ Lynn Hanna

Lynn Hanna shares her experience as and Acadia Teacher Fellow for six weeks at Acadia National Park.


Waldron's Warriors Protecting Acadia's Cairns

June 19, 2019 Posted by: Doug Heden

Waldron's Warrior Doug Heden explains how he likes to maintain his cairns on his tral assignment here at Acadia National Park.


Volunteers Build Tool Shed

May 29, 2019 Posted by: Dianna McKeage

Volunteers donate hundreds of hours of time to design and construct a large, weather proof tool shed for Acadia's Trail Crew.


Meet Cindy Hannon, Education Intern 2009

February 15, 2019 Posted by: Mackette McCormack/ Cindy Hannon

Cindy Hannon recounts her experience as an education volunteer for Acadia National Park 2009


Meet Matt Kessler, Education Intern 2012

February 15, 2019 Posted by: Mackette McCormack/ Matt Kessler

Matt Kessler assisted the Acadia Education team in 2012 working as an education intern. He answers questions about his experience on the job.


Meet Joanne Kellner, Education Intern 2011

February 15, 2019 Posted by: Mackette McCormack/ Joanne Kellner

Joanne Kellner volunteered as an Acadia Education Intern in 2011. She answers questions about her experience on the job.


Raptor Ranger Internship 2008

February 15, 2019 Posted by: Mackette McCormack

2008 Luke and Katie share their experiences volunteering as raptor interns to protect Acadia's nesting peregrine falcons. 


Thank You Acadia Winter Trails Association!

February 04, 2019 Posted by: Dianna McKeage

Thank you to the Acadia Winter Trails Association for grooming the carriage roads in the park during the government shutdown.


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