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Driving and Biking

Drive a lonely road, towards a canyon with a surprise.
Driving towards a canyon with a volcanic surprise.  The Ajo Mountain drive is a visitor favorite for moments like this one.

Scenic Drives: The easiest way to see the splendor of this park is to take a scenic drive.

The most popular is the Ajo Mountain Drive. It is a 21 mile, mostly gravel road usually passable by normal passenger car. RVs over 24 feet are prohibited, due to the twisting and dipping nature of the road. The free Ajo Mountain Road Guidebook is available in the Kris Eggle Visitor Center.

January through March a free three hour ranger guided van tour is available. Space is limited and interested visitors may sign up at the Kris Eggle Visitor Center for a seat on the van.

The Puerto Blanco Drive is the other popular road in the park. The five mile drive provides access to the Pinkley Peak Picnic Area. Several stops along the way provide wonderful views and information on the ecology and culture of the Sonoran Desert.




Biking: Bikes are allowed on all roads open to vehicle traffic.

The Ajo Mountain Drive (21 miles) is a popular biking road. Please bike defensively, many drivers are looking out the windows at the beautiful scenery and may not be expecting a bicyclist. There are no hiking trails open to bicycling. Please also carry a way to secure your bicycle, if you plan on leaving it for any period of time, anywhere in the monument. The road is open for biking only during daylight hours.

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