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    National Parks of New York Harbor

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For Kids

Ready to become a Junior Ranger and help the National Park Service preserve and protect parks in the New York City-New Jersey metro area?

Each of these parks has a junior ranger book available on-line. But remember- the only jr ranger book you can complete without going to the park is from Governors Island National Monument. So download the books, visit the parks and complete the books, and then turn them into a ranger to get your badge.

African Burial Ground
Federal Hall National Memorial
Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site
General Grant National Memorial
St. Paul's Church National HistoricSite
Statue of Liberty National Monument
Ellis Island
Gateway National Recreation Area
Governors Island National Monument

Did You Know?

Monarch butterflies are one of many kinds of wildlife that call Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge home

Critical habitat in New York City? Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge supports a diversity of wildlife and is a critical stop for migrating birds on the Atlantic Flyway. The Refuge is one of 23 unique destinations within the National Parks of New York Harbor. More...