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Junior Ranger Motto: Explore, Learn, Protect


Special Opportunity: Junior Ranger Day 2021!
Virtually join us for Junior Ranger Day 2021! To celebrate, the African Burial Ground National Monument created a new Junior Ranger activity booklet highlighting National Park Service sites across the nation that discuss African American history.

All Junior Rangers who complete the new activity booklet will receive a special prize and can be featured on our social media on April 24!

To receive the special prize and be a featured Junior Ranger, please submit your completed booklet to: by April 22, 2021.

Become a Junior Ranger!

Kids of all ages can earn a Junior Ranger badge from the African Burial Ground National Monument. To be a Junior Ranger is a special honor and privilege. Kids may earn a Junior Ranger badge by completing a number of activities related to the site. After completing the Activity Booklet, you will receive a certificate, get sworn in as a Junior Ranger, and get to wear a badge, just like Park Rangers wear. The Junior Ranger Activity Booklet is available at the visitor center or by downloading it online.

AFBG JR Ranger Cover
Cover of the junior ranger booklet.

National Park Service

image of activity pamphlet for National Parks of Manahatta
National Parks of Manahatta activity booklet with badge


Ask for the special National Parks of Manahatta activity booklet! Visit Clinton Castle National Monument, Federal Hall National Memorial, or African Burial Ground National Monument, complete the activity pamphlet, and earn a special badge!

Last updated: March 23, 2021

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