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Confederate Order of Battle - First Manassas

Army of the Potomac

Brigadier General P.G.T. Beauregard

  • First Brigade: Brigadier General Milledge L. Bonham
    11th North Carolina - Colonel W.W. Kirkland
    2nd South Carolina - Colonel J.B. Kershaw
    3rd South Carolina - Colonel J.H. Williams
    7th South Carolina - Colonel T.G. Bacon
    8th South Carolina - Colonel E.G.R. Cash
    Alexandria Light Artillery - Captain D. Kemper
    8th Louisiana - Colonel H.B. Kelly
    1st Company, Richmond Howitzers - Captain J.C. Shields
    30th Virginia Cavalry - Colonel R.C.W. Radford

Radford Rangers - Captain W. Radford
Botetourt Dragoons - Captain A. L. Pitzer
Hanover Light Dragoons - Captain W. C. Wickham
Fairfax Cavalry - Captain E. B. Powell

Lieutenant Colonel W. Munford's Squadron

Black Horse Troop - Captain W. H. Payne
Chesterfield Light Dragoons - Captain W. B. Ball
Franklin Rangers - Captain G. W. H. Hale

  • Second Brigade: Brigadier General Richard S. Ewell
    5th Alabama - Colonel R.E. Rodes
    6th Alabama - Colonel J.J. Seibels
    6th Louisiana - Colonel J.G. Seymour
    Washington Artillery, 1st Company - Captain T.L. Rosser
    Cavalry Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel W. H. Jenifer
  • Third Brigade: Brigadier General D. R. Jones
    17th Mississippi - Colonel W.S. Featherson
    18th Mississippi - Colonel E.B. Burt
    5th South Carolina - Colonel M. Jenkins
    Appomattox Rangers, 30th Virginia Cavalry - Captain J.W. Flood
    Washington Artillery, 2nd Company- Captain M.B. Miller
  • Fourth Brigade: Brigadier General James Longstreet
    5th North Carolina - Lieutenant Colonel J. P. Jones
    1st Virginia - Major F.G. Skinner
    11th Virginia - Colonel S. Garland
    17th Virginia - Colonel M.D. Corse
    24th Virginia - Colonel P. Hairston
    Washington Artillery, 3rd Company - Lieutenant J.J. Garnett
    Amherst Mounted Rangers, 30th Virginia Cavalry - Captain E. Whitehead
  • Fifth Brigade: Colonel P. St. George Cocke
    8th Virginia - Colonel E. Hunton
    18th Virginia - Colonel R.E. Withers
    19th Virginia - Lieutenant Colonel J.B. Strange
    28th Virginia - Colonel R.T. Preston
    49th Virginia Battalion - Colonel W. ("Extra Billy") Smith
    Loudoun Artillery - Captain A.L. Rogers
    Lynchburg Artillery - Captain H.G. Latham
    Wise Troop - Captain J. S. Langhorne
  • Sixth Brigade: Colonel Jubal A. Early
    7th Louisiana - Colonel H.T. Hays
    13th Mississippi - Colonel W. Barksdale
    7th Virginia - Colonel J.L. Kemper
    Washington Artillery, 4th Company - Lieutenant C.W. Squires, J.B. Richardson & J.B. Whittington
  • Seventh Brigade: Colonel Nathan G. Evans
    1st Special Louisiana Battalion - Major C.R. Wheat (W)
    4th South Carolina - Colonel J.B.E. Sloan
    Campbell Rangers, 30th Virginia Cavalry - Captain J.D. Alexander
    Clay Dragoons, 30th Virginia Cavalry - Captain W.R. Terry
  • Reserve Brigade: Brigadier General Theophilus H. Holmes
    1st Arkansas - Colonel J.F. Fagan
    2nd Tennessee - Colonel W. Bate
    Purcell Artillery - Captain L. Walker
    Hampton's South Carolina Legion (6 Cos.) - Colonel W. Hampton (W), Captain J. Conner
    Camp Picken's Battery - Captain Sterrett

Army of the Shenandoah

General Joseph E. Johnston

  • First Brigade: Brigadier General Thomas J. Jackson (W)
    2nd Virginia - Colonel J.W. Allen
    4th Virginia - Colonel J.F. Preston
    5th Virginia - Colonel K. Harper
    27th Virginia - Lieutenant Colonel J. Echols
    33rd Virginia (8 Cos.) - Colonel A.C. Cummings
    Rockbridge Artillery - Captain J. P. Brockenbrough
  • Second Brigade: Colonel Francis Bartow (K)
    7th Georgia - Colonel L.J. Gartrell
    8th Georgia - Lieutenant Colonel W.M. Gardner (W)
    Wise Artillery - Lieutenant J. Pelham
  • Third Brigade: Brigadier General Barnard E. Bee (K)
    4th Alabama - Colonel E. Jones (K), Colonel S.R. Gist
    2nd Mississippi - Colonel W.C. Falkner
    11th Mississippi - (Cos. A&F) - Lieutenant Colonel P.F. Liddell
    6th North Carolina - Colonel C.F. Fisher (K)
    Staunton Artillery - Captain J. Imboden
  • Fourth Brigade: Brigadier General Edmund Kirby Smith (W), Colonel Arnold Elzey
    1st Maryland Battalion - Lieutenant Colonel G.H. Steuart
    3rd Tennessee - Colonel J.C. Vaughn
    10th Virginia - Colonel S.B. Gibbons
    Culpeper Artillery - Lieutenant R. F. Beckham
  • Not Brigaded:
    1st Virginia Cavalry - Colonel J.E.B. Stuart
    Thomas Artillery - Captain P.B. Stanard

Did You Know?

Did you know?

Our approximately 1,500 acres of managed grasslands are maintained by seasonal cutting. Cutting allows the grasses to fulfill the various habitat needs of the many important bird species we have in the park.