a grayish bird with long legs standing on a rock near a lake

In June and July, visitors to Lake Clark may hear
the Wandering Tattler's loud scolding or "tattling"
if they wander close to its nest site.

NPS Photo

The wide variety of habitats found in the park allows for an abundance of bird species. One hundred and ninety species have been confirmed sighted in the area, and six others have unconfirmed sightings. The once endangered Peregrine falcon nests along the Tuxedni Bay coastline. The foothill/lakes region to the west of the Chigmit Range, and the Chulitna Flats adjacent to Lake Clark are important feeding and nesting grounds which host a varied array of migratory and native birds. Among the types of birds a visitor might see are waterfowl, shorebirds, raptors, falcons, owls, songbirds, grouse, and ptarmigan.

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