Large California Condor with wings outstretched flying overhead
California Condor #343 (Tag A3), died from lead poisoning in 2013

Zion National Park Photo


From the small Black Chinned Hummingbird to the large California Condor, Zion National Park is the perfect home for many birds. 291 bird species can be found in Zion throughout the year. Zion National Park is the perfect place for experienced and novice birders. The varying habitats allow for many different species to be found. Birds like the White Throated Sparrow and the American Coot have been spotted overwintering in the park and will leave when the temperatures rise. Other birds like the reintroduced California Condor and the native Canyon Wren can be seen year round.

Zion National Park works with a variety of organizations, like the Peregrine Fund and Bird Life International, in united conservation efforts to protect the health and wellbeing of the park's bird populations and promote biodiversity. Zion has been designated an Important Bird Area by the Bird Life International program, both at the state and global levels.

When exploring Zion Canyon, Kolob Canyon, and the Kolob Terrace Road, don't forget to look up and catch a glimpse of a bird in the sky. Learn more about a few of Zion's bird species below.


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Print out your copy of the Zion Bird List (PDF 12 MB)

Female Black-Chinned Hummingbird
Zion Virtual Museum Exhibit
Learn more about the Birds of Zion. Explore observable characteristics such as bills and talons, plumage, size and shape used to identify bird species in the wild.

Last updated: September 3, 2022

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