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Zion National Park is an iconic part of our shared natural and cultural heritage. To plan for the park's future, we measure how the activities you enjoy affect the park's landscapes, animals, plants, and history. We also ask you for comments to understand your expectations. Along with college professors and their graduate students, private-sector consultants, and park neighbors, we write plans so that you can keep enjoying this very special place and make sure future generations will, too.

We know some visitors and stakeholders are concerned we will propose changes that might affect visits, and we hear you. We will keep asking for your input because we want to make sure everyone can keep enjoying the park. Learn more about how our work to keeps Zion spectacular today and forever.

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Our research helps you enjoy Zion

Rangers do research to understand how you enjoy the park and how recreation affects Zion's scenery, animals, plants and history.

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We count on your comments

We ask questions to learn how you enjoy Zion and provide answers about how what we do affects the park.

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We need you to protect the park

Applying for permits and following their directions keeps Zion safe so you can enjoy it again and again.


What's new?

Angels Landing Pilot Permit System

Since April 1, 2022, everyone who has hiked to Angels Landing has been required to have a permit.

Angels Landing is one of the most visited destinations in Zion National Park. Parts of the half-mile section of the trail starting at Scout Lookout are less than three feet wide and have chains to hold. The trail is too narrow people to go up and down at the same time, and hikers have reported waiting a long time for others to pass. Getting a permit makes you part of the solution to make the trail less congested and gives everyone a fair chance to visit.

Enter a lottery and print your required permit before you hike Angels Landing.
Angels Landing Pilot Permit Program

Enter a lottery, print or download your permit, and make your plans to hike Angels Landing


Last updated: December 20, 2023

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