Commercial Use Authorization

Commercial Use Authorizations (CUAs) are limited authorizations to provide specific visitor services within the boundaries of Zion National Park.
2017 Commericial Authorization Holders for Zion National Park
(subject to change) Updated 10/6/2017

Zion National Park only accepts CUA applications for the following commercially guided activities:
  • Commercial Interpretive Services (Guided hiking)
  • Commercially Guided Bicycle Tours
  • Photography and Painting Workshops
  • Taxi and recreational Shuttle Services
  • Commercial Motorcycle Tours
  • Rental RV Delivery
Before starting the CUA application process, please read the Superintendent's
2018 Zion CUA Application Letter
If you are applying for a new CUA or renewing your current CUA, please use the following links to access current forms:

Links to Zion Application Documents:
1. 2018 Zion CUA Application Letter
2. 2018 Zion CUA Application Form
3. 2018 Zion Trip Itinery

Links to Activity Specific Operating Plans
1. Commercial Trailer Delivery Operating Plan
2. Commercial Bicycle Tours
3. Commercial Motorcycle Tours Operating Plan
4. Interpretive Services Operating Plan
5. Photography Workshops
6. Taxi-Recreational Shuttle Service Operating Plan

Links for Supporting Documentation
1. 2017 Zion CUA Annual Report
2. 2018 Zion CUA Annual Report
Guide Resources
Did you know that Commercial Use Authorization Holders Served approximately 27,000 Zion National Park Visitors in 2015? Because of their ability to interpret park resource and provide safety/resource protection messaging, Professional Guides play a critical role in helping to protect Zion National Park while also providing meaningful experiences to park visitors.
Please visit the following links to learn more about the park:
Guides: Visit the following links to acknowledge the conditions of your companies specific permit:
Please visit the following link to learn more about the park's laws and policies:

Get Park Alerts
Stay up to date with road closures and other park conditions by signing up for park alerts. This service is only available to commercial park users and only one form can be submitted per company.
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Last updated: April 9, 2018

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