Yukon-Charley Rivers headquarters in Eagle, Alaska
Eagle Bluff and the Yukon River are the backdrop for Park Headquarters in Eagle, Alaska

NPS Photo by Greg Kinman

Yukon-Charley Rivers staff along with partners from other agencies and academic institutions conduct work in the park to learn about and protect the park's ecological systems, wildlife, and historic sites. Here you'll find brief project updates that describe these research and resource management activities.
The Washington Creek Cabin in winter

Winter Patrols in Yukon-Charley Rivers (4.1mb PDF)

Rangers will often travel through the Preserve in winter conducting patrols to monitor visitor use and activities.

A biologist examining a sedated wolf

20 Years of Monitoring Wolves (1.2mb PDF)

For over 20 years, YUCH biologists have studied the wolves that live in and around the Preserve.

An archeologist sitting on a ridgetop drawing a site map

From Caverns to Ridgetops: Archeological fieldwork in Yukon-Charley Rivers (2.3mb PDF)

The first year of a new archaeological survey examined approximately 9,200 acres including 7 caves.


Last updated: April 30, 2018

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