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Having Trouble Finding a Campground Reservation?

This is a common problem from spring through fall. Learn about your options for searching for cancellations or camping without a reservation.

I received a notice of a location closure. Can I keep my reservation?

If a campground you have a reservation for will be closed during your entire reservation, the entire reservation will be canceled.

If the closure is only during part of your reservation, you have some options.

  1. You can hold your reservation and see if the location reopens before your visit:
    • Action may be required: If the location remains closed at the start of your reservation, we will cancel your reservation and provide a full refund, even if part of your reservation falls after the last day of the closure. If you would like to camp on dates after the closure end date, modify your reservation so it falls entirely outside the closure before your reservation begins
    • No action required: If part of your reservation falls before the closure period, those nights are still reserved for you and will not be automatically refunded. Your reservation will be automatically shortened on the start date of the closure period and unused nights will be refunded.
    • No action required: If the location reopens before your reservation starts and you have not cancelled, you'll be able to take your trip. You will receive an email indicating the location has reopened, and all standard change and cancellation policies will apply to your reservation.
  2. . Modify your reservation to any other available days. No modification fee will be charged.
    • You can also change your reservation to any new date(s) without being charged a modification fee. This includes changing the start date, adding days or removing days. The new reservation date must be available and not impacted by the closure.
  3. Cancel your reservation and receive a full refund.

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Last updated: January 26, 2024

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