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Yosemite Nature Notes 1926
Original copies of Yosemite Nature Notes are just one type of archives document.


What is an archive?

Archives are a collection of historical records and manuscripts that are primary resources, often original to the park. The collection contains unique and important manuscript materials related to Yosemite's history, including personal papers of James Mason Hutchings and Galen Clark, historic park administrative records, early concessionaire records, and numerous hotel registers. The Yosemite Park and Curry Co. donated their own archive of records, photographs and other documentary material to the Park's collection.

Where are the archives and how do I research there?

Appointments are required for use of the museum collections. To make best use of their time in Yosemite, researchers are encouraged to complete their preliminary research at other archives, libraries, and/or museums prior to their visit. Limited space and staff affect our ability to accommodate researchers, so we ask that researchers try to focus on materials only available in the park’s collection.

Access to materials is dependent upon their physical condition and level of processing to date by the park staff. If you would like to inquire about researching the collection or set up a research appointment, please email the archives staff.

Can I donate to the archives?

If you are interested in donating an object to the museum collection, please send an email to the the archives staff. In your email, please include whatever background information you have about your object, with images, if possible. The information you provide will help the review committee make a final decision and will increase the research value if the item(s) are accepted into the collections.

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