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Ranger-naturalists have been interpreting the natural and cultural resources of Yosemite for park visitors for nearly a century. In this blog, some of Yosemite's park rangers share recent observations from around Yosemite.

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Nighttime's Tiny Fighter Jets.....Bats!

August 07, 2014 Posted by: SC - Park Ranger (Yosemite Valley)

As the sun lowers in the sky, shadows stretch out across Yosemite and the bright blue overhead is highlighted by streaks of orange and pink. Finally, the temperature begins to dip. As half of the world gets ready for bed, the other half of our living creatures begin to wake up. Winged predators take to flight. Bats!


Oooh, Shiny!

September 05, 2013 Posted by: SC - Park Ranger (Yosemite Valley)

Collecting is an art. Some of us take pleasure in matching the dish towels to the throw pillows or the tea kettle to the living room rug, while others are transfixed by the newest and most exciting gadget on the market. A glimpse at our homes may provide insight into the fashion, technology, and stories of our time, while a historic home might feature up-and-coming trends from 1864. But, a close look at the home of a packrat can give us a glimpse at life 50,000 years ago! Packrats, also known as woodrats, are professional collectors.


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