Tower-Roosevelt Accessibility

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East of Tower Junction in Lamar Valley, many roadside pullouts offer room to maneuver a wheelchair and great wildlife viewing opportunities.

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Many visitor facilities are in the Roosevelt Lodge. The wheelchair-accessible entrance is on the left side of the lodge.


  • Roosevelt: Lodge, service station, parking area near service station.
  • Tower Fall: Next to the general store.

Designated Accessible Parking

  • Roosevelt: In front of lodge and general store.
  • Tower Fall: In front of general store.

Food Service

Roosevelt Lodge: Dining room.


  • Roosevelt: Lodge gift shop, general store.
  • Tower Fall: General store.


Roosevelt Lodge: Two accessible cabins.

Picnic Area

Soda Butte Creek (21 miles/34 km east of Tower Junction): One accessible table.


  • Tower Campground (3.5 miles/5.6 km south): No accessible sites.
  • Slough Creek Campground (5.5 miles/8.8 km east): No accessible sites.
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Learning About the Area

Ranger-led Programs

The nearest visitor centers, with exhibits and ranger-led programs, are the Canyon Visitor Education Center (19 miles/31 km south) and the Albright Visitor Center at Mammoth (18 miles/ 29 km west). Interpretive park rangers rove the Tower-Roosevelt area, primarily to talk with visitors viewing wildlife.

What to See

Tower Fall

Trail to overlook of this 132-foot waterfall is paved, but steep. Wheelchair users may require assistance.

Mount Washburn & Dunraven Pass

The Grand Loop Road crosses Dunraven Pass south of Tower Junction. The north approach is prime wildlife watching, with several large pullouts. Use caution; assistance may be required. The south flanks of the mountain include an overlook and exhibit at Washburn Hot Springs.

Lamar Valley

This scenic valley east of Tower Junction is famous for wildlife watching. Several pullouts have enough room to maneuver a wheelchair.


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