Fishing in Yellowstone's Southwest

Yellowstone map with southwest highlighted

Includes the Snake and Lewis rivers and tributaries; Heart Lake; Lewis and Shoshone lakes; Falls and Bechler rivers and tributaries.

Heart Lake opens July 1.

Possession Limits

Native Trout Conservation Area

  • Catch and release all native fish.
  • No possession limit on nonnative fish.

Nonnative Trout Tolerance Area

  • Waters above Lewis Falls, including Lewis and Shoshone lakes and the Lewis Channel—possession limit of five nonnative fish in combination, only one of which can be a brown trout.
  • Do not discard lake trout carcasses along the lake shore as they will likely attract bears.
Map of fishing locations in Yellowstone's Southwest
Angler fishing in Yellowstone


Cast your line for 16 species of fish.

Two anglers standing in the water and fly-fishing during the golden light of dawn.

Fishing Regulations (PDF)

Download the Yellowstone Fishing Regulations booklet.

An underwater view of a spotted fish with a red slash on its neck and side swims above pebbles

Fish & Aquatic Species

Native fish underpin natural food webs and have great local economic significance.

Young cutthroat trout in a shallow creek

Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences Program

Explore the National Park Service science program for fish and aquatic species.

Zebra mussel infestation

Clean, Drain & Dry

Prevent damaging aquatic invasive species from reaching Yellowstone.

Last updated: April 17, 2018

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