Fish in Yellowstone's Northwest

Map of Yellowstone with the northwest section colored gray

Includes the Madison and Gallatin river drainages, including Firehole and Gibbon rivers and tributaries.

Permanently Closed to Fishing

  • Firehole River from road bridge .5 mile (.8 km) upstream of Old Faithful to road bridge at Biscuit Basin, 200 yards (182 m) either side of Midway footbridge.
  • Madison River from Seven Mile Bridge upstream 250 yards (226 m).

Flyfishing Only

Use only artificial flies regardless of the type of rod or line.

  • Madison River
  • Firehole River
  • Gibbon River below Gibbon Falls (not including their tributaries).

Open Year-round

Madison River from the Montana-Wyoming state line downstream to the park boundary.

Possession Limits

Native Trout Conservation Area

  • Catch and release all native fish.
  • No possession limit on nonnative fish.

Nonnative Trout Tolerance Area

  • Limit of 5 brook trout.
  • Catch and release all rainbow and brown trout.
Map of Yellowstone's Northwest showing fishing locations
Angler fishing in Yellowstone during a golden morning.
Catch a Fish

Be a responsible angler and understand the regulations before you come.

An angler standing in a winding stream and fly-fishing.
Fishing Regulations (PDF)

Download the Yellowstone Fishing Regulations booklet.

An underwater view of a spotted fish with a red slash on its neck and side swims above pebbles
Native Fish Species

Native fish underpin natural food webs and have great local economic significance.

A biologist holds a net full of Yellowstone cutthroat trout
Fish Management

Learn how the Native Fish Conservation Program works to preserve Yellowstone Lake cutthroat trout and to restore fluvial trout populations.

Zebra mussel infestation
Clean, Drain & Dry

Prevent damaging aquatic invasive species from reaching Yellowstone.

Last updated: April 26, 2024

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