Canyon Visitor Education Center

Visitors walk toward the entrance of the wood and stone visitor center.
The Canyon Visitor Education Center is an excellent source of park information.

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Enter the Canyon Visitor Education Center and the world of Yellowstone's supervolcano—an idea that has captured the minds and imaginations of people around the world. See, hear, and learn how the Yellowstone volcano, its geysers and hot springs, and geologic history shape the distribution and abundance of all life found here. Explore these ideas through interactive exhibits, animations, audio-visual productions, and real-time scientific data.



Exhibits and Films

  • An orientation film and safety short to help prepare you for your Yellowstone experience.
  • A film on the geology of the park, Yellowstone: Land to Life, reveals how powerful geologic forces from fire to ice have combined to create a unique landscape which supports an abundant variety of life.
  • A room-size relief model of Yellowstone National Park that illuminates and narrates the park's volcanic eruptions, lava flows, glaciers, and earthquake faults on the first floor; from the second floor view, hear tribes associated with the park interpret the park's geology from their perspective.
  • A 9,000-pound, rotating globe illustrates volcanic hotspots found around the world.
  • Exhibits on how magma rises to the earth's surface by heat convection—one of the geologic forces that shapes Yellowstone.
  • Real-time earthquake data that is currently being collected in the park.
  • Murals and enlarged photographs showing the enormity of Yellowstone's glaciers and their lasting effect on the landscape.
  • Detailed panoramas, dioramas, and cross-sections of life in a lodgepole forest and a grassland-habitats made possible by Yellowstone's fire and ice.

Additional Canyon Area Information

Lower Falls plunges into the yellowish-tan canyon.
Canyon Hikes

Hike around the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River to see mountains and canyons.

Skiers moving along a trail cut through the pine forest.
Canyon Skiing & Snowshoeing

Discover the skiing and snowshoeing opportunities around the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.

Lower Falls plunges into the yellowish-tan canyon.
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Explore the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River virtually, and plan how to visit in person.

Become a junior ranger of Yellowstone National Park.
Become a Junior Ranger

Now available to download for completing at home, this is a great way to experience Yellowstone National Park for you and your family.

A graphic of a geyser erupting behind the silhouette of a young boy with a magnifying glass.
Explore as a Young Scientist

Solve science mysteries by investigating the wonders of Yellowstone!

Visitors sitting around tables eating and kids playing on furniture.
Accessibility in the Canyon Area

Learn about the accessible opportunities and options around Canyon Village and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.


Canyon Area Knowledge

Looking down the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone from the Brink of Lower Falls
Canyon Area

Discover all the region has to offer, from the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone to Mount Washburn.

Steep canyon walls rise on either side of the Yellowstone River
Geology of the Canyon

Learn about how the Yellowstone River and erosion shape the canyon.

Visitors stopping by Fishing Bridge Visitor Center & Trailside Museum
Visitor Centers

Step inside a visitor center and explore the exhibits and interpretive offerings, or talk to a ranger.

Last updated: January 24, 2024

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