Biennial Scientific Conferences

The Greater Yellowstone biennial scientific conference series, initiated in 1991, encourages awareness and application of wide-ranging, high-caliber scientific work on the region's natural and cultural resources. These conferences, with the active involvement of professional societies and other institutions, provide a much-needed forum for knowledge-sharing among hundreds of researchers, park managers, and the general public. They attract world-class speakers and are interdisciplinary by design.

These proceedings volumes are perhaps the single most significant new source of scientific information on Greater Yellowstone in the history of the region.

Building on the Past, Leading into the Future: Sustaining the GYE in the Coming Century
Oct. 4-6, 2016 - Conference Information
Crossing Boundaries: Science, Management & Conservation in the Greater Yellowstone
October 6-8, 2014 - Conference Information

Greater Yellowstone in Transition: Linking Science and Decision Making

Questioning Greater Yellowstone's Future: Climate, Land Use, and Invasive Species
2010 - Conference Proceedings (12 MB PDF)

The '88 Fires: Yellowstone and Beyond
2008 - Conference Proceedings (4.51 MB PDF)

Greater Yellowstone Public Lands: A Century of Discovery, Hard Lessons, and Bright Prospects
2005 - Conference Proceedings (4.8 MB PDF)

Beyond the Arch: Community and Conservation in Greater Yellowstone and East Africa
2003 - Conference Proceedings (16.6 MB PDF)

Yellowstone Lake: Hotbed of Chaos or Reservoir of Resilience
2001 - Conference Proceedings (3.4 MB PDF)

Exotic Organisms in Greater Yellowstone: Native Biodiversity Under Siege

People and Place: The Human Experience in Greater Yellowstone
1997 - Conference Proceedings (3.0 MB PDF)

Greater Yellowstone Predators: Ecology and Conservation in a Changing Landscape
1995 - Conference Proceedings (12.4 MB PDF)

The Ecological Implications of Fire in Greater Yellowstone
1993 - Please email Charissa Reid for a copy of these proceedings.

Plants and Their Environments
1991 - Please email Charissa Reid for a copy of these proceedings.

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