Audio Postcard - Winter Composition by Andy Willmore

Sunrise peaks over the horizon of a frosty stream.
Gardiner River winter sunrise.

NPS / Jacob W. Frank


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  • Snow and ice on begin to melt on Yellowstone Lake

    Lakes & Ponds

    More than 600 lakes & ponds comprise approximately 107,000 surface acres in Yellowstone.

  • A skier enjoys a winter sunrise at Grotto Geyser.

    Winter Wonderland

    Ready to brave the cold? Check out our tips for enjoying Yellowstone in winter.

  • Bison walk single-file on a path through snow
    Winter Ecology

    Winter Ecology

    Though the wildlife and plants of Greater Yellowstone are adapted to its cold, snowy winters, surviving the winter season can be a struggle.

Last updated: April 16, 2020

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