Permit Renewal Information/Submit Annual Report

Research permits are authorized on a calendar year basis, starting when your permit is issued and expiring on December 31 of that same year. After this date, your permit is no longer valid. Your permit may be renewed if your project needs additional time to be completed. Modifications or amendments to your originally proposed project must be submitted 30-60 days in advance of any fieldwork. We recommend that you submit these changes when you are renewing your permit at the beginning of the calendar year.

By March 31st of each calendar year, you are required to take the following three steps whether or not you plan to renew your research permit.

  1. Complete an Investigator's Annual Report at You may access the system by logging on to your Investigator Profile (unique username and password required)
  2. Complete a Field Check-out Report filed on-line using your Investigator Profile:
  3. Complete a permit application for renewal through your profile at or send a note indicating that you are finished with your research project.

Please remember that you are obligated to provide us with a final Investigator's Annual Report. We would also like copies of all reports, papers, etc. related to your work in Yellowstone.

Last updated: June 15, 2016

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