How to Apply for a Research Permit

Yellowstone National Park is the location for nearly 200 research projects each year. Every project must be reviewed to ensure that it satisfies regulatory requirements, is appropriate to the park setting, meets accepted scientific criteria, and does not unduly impact park resources or the visitor experience. Understanding Yellowstone’s resources is vital to improving park management and expanding scientific knowledge.

To receive an application package containing the following documents, please e-mail us at

  • A Welcome letter with Permit
  • Guidelines for Study Proposals
  • Instructions for Applying on Web
  • General Conditions
  • YNP Conditions
  • Peer Review Forms (2)
  • Bear Management Program Information
  • Bear Management Area Map

To apply for a permit on the Service’s Research Permit and Reporting System web page, go to and submit the following.

  1. An application.
  2. A full research proposal (see the Guidelines for Study Proposals at the same web site).
  3. Peer Reviews (two peer reviews are required with a new research permit application).

Proposals submitted to other agencies and peer reviews received from that process may be photocopied and submitted in partial fulfillment of these requirements. Two Peer Reviews are required as part of the YNP research permit application package. You may choose to use the peer review forms provided or submit your own.

Please be sure to review the National Park Service Permit Conditions as well as the Yellowstone National Park Permit Conditions. Submit all paperwork as far in advance as possible to allow time for the review process, which takes at least 60 days.

Any direct assistance you might need from the park, such as logistical support or study site selection, should be requested with your permit application. Yellowstone's logistical support capabilities are quite limited and will be assigned according to management priorities.

Please contact the Research Permit Office (307) 344-2239 for assistance.

Last updated: July 28, 2017

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