Yellowstone Bird Reports

The Yellowstone National Park bird program compiles an annual report summarizing the monitoring program's analysis of a small portion of raptors, wetland birds, and passerines found in Yellowstone. This helps inform park staff of potential shifts in ecosystem function (e.g., climate change effects) to Yellowstone's bird community and may guide future conservation of the parks birds and habitats. If you are interested in birds and want to learn more about the status of birds and the bird management program in Yellowstone, the annual bird reports below are the place to go for more information.


More Information

  • A yellow-breasted bird with black markings calls out as it stands on a stick

    About 150 species build their nests and fledge their young in Yellowstone.

  • A pair of white pelicans floating on water.
    Colonial Nesting Birds

    Colonial nesting birds—pelicans, gulls, and cormorants—primarily nest on the Molly Islands.

  • A white-breasted bird with gray and black wings and black beak on a mound of snow
    Songbirds and Woodpeckers

    Passerine and near passerine species comprise the majority of bird species in Yellowstone.

Last updated: February 6, 2024

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