Yellowstone's Biosphere & World Heritage Designations

The United Nations designated Yellowstone National Park as a Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site in recognition of the worldwide significance of its natural and cultural resources. These designations have nothing to do with how Yellowstone is managed—the United Nations has no authority to dictate federal land management decisions in the United States—nor do they change the fact that Yellowstone is under the legal authority of the United States of America.

In 1978, Yellowstone National Park was designated as a World Heritage Site, the United States' first World Heritage location. This designation is part of the World Heritage Convention international treaty, through which member nations agree to cooperate in the conservation and protection of their cultural and natural heritage sites, and particularly those that have been determined to possess outstanding universal value. The United States was the first nation to sign the World Heritage Convention Treaty; since, 190 other countries have also become members to the agreement. For more information on the World Heritage Convention, please visit

Yellowstone National Park must report regularly to the World Heritage Committee on the status of the park's cultural and natural resources, threats to these resources, and progress made to reduce or eliminate threats. In 1995, the Committee, with the agreement of the United States, placed Yellowstone on its List of World Heritage in Danger. This action was taken in response to specific threats identified to the outstanding universal value of the park. In July 2003, the Committee decided to remove the park from the Danger List.

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Yellowstone is also designated as a bioshpere reserve. On October 26, 1976, United Nations designation of Yellowstone as a biosphere reserve stated:

Yellowstone National Park is recognized as part of the international network of biosphere reserves. This network of protected samples of the world's major ecosystem types is devoted to conservation of nature and scientific research in the service of man. It provides a standard against which the effect of man's impact on the environment can be measured.

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