Thomas Moran's Diary - Page 6

Aug 6th Jackson Dixon & Myself started out to find the Madison Lake to get a photograph of it. but after travelling through heavy forests until two oclock, gave up the search & got back to Camp at evening

Aug 7th In camp all day. photo some of the springs. in the evening Lieut. Doane Arrived from Ellis with an order for the Return of the Escort to the fort Grugan & Tyler invited Me to Return with them & as the Wonders of the Yellowstone had been seen I concluded to return 4 Biscuits a day for last 5 [?]

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Aug 8th Set out with Jackson Smith, & the Escort across the Country for the Geysers on fire Hole River. led by Doane. struck the river 9 miles below the Geysers & Camped

Aug 9th Went to the Geysers Helped Jackson during the day & returned by myself to Camp.

Aug 10th started down the Madison & camped on a dull spot on the edge of the River near a bit of Burnt timber. after passing through the upper Canon with the great cliff in it

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