13th Biennial Scientific Conference

The 13th Biennial Scientific Conference was held in the Grand Tetons from October 4-6, 2016, and generously hosted by the Yellowstone Association (now Yellowstone Forever). In addition to being held outside of the usual venue of Mammoth Hot Springs, we also offered some new events such as three field trips and a student participant mixer. The event was another success in a long line of conferences and thanks to the contributions of conference participants, our knowledge of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem continues to expand. The 14th Biennial Conference is currently planned for the Fall of 2018.
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13th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem:

Building on the Past, Leading into the Future: Sustaining the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in the Coming Century

Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Teton National Park
October 4-6, 2016

Since 1991, this conference series has been an important scientific venue for researchers and management partners with a shared interest in understanding the natural and cultural resources of the region. The Biennial Scientific Conference series, now in its 25th year, is dedicated to highlighting the challenges and success stories within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE).

This year’s conference focus is on deriving management lessons and applications from previous practices, recognizing social and ecological trends, and anticipating future conservation needs within the GYE. Throughout our region and across the globe, social-ecological systems are undergoing rapid changes that threaten wildlands and the biota they sustain. The National Park Service Centennial is an opportune time to reflect on our past, as we envision the future for the GYE. The need to connect people to the land and resources within the GYE is more critical than ever, if we are to forge an effective path forward for their management through the 21st Century.

We hope to inspire managers, scientists, and the public at this year’s conference to celebrate some of the region’s success stories, as well as reflect upon some of our collective shortfalls. This year’s conference will feature panel discussions that raise important questions across all jurisdictions: How can we better understand the human element of park visitors? How do we build better bridges between science and public perception? Where are we going in the next 100 years of conservation initiatives and actions in the GYE?

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