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A group of bison crosses the Grand Loop Road in Hayden Valley. Visitor traffic stretches far back from the animals, causing a traffic jam.
Yellowstone's historic road corridors, abundant wildlife, and increasing visitation are a challenging combination.


Yellowstone National Park has 310 miles of paved road and our developed areas are an average of 30 miles apart. Just getting around Yellowstone takes considerable time, adding challenges to daily operations, and the creation of greenhouse gas emissions through burning of fossil fuels. Yellowstone‘s NPS fleet has over 500 vehicles for various purposes from commuting to plowing snow to moving earth.

Managers continue to look for opportunities to be more fuel-efficient through vehicle technology and operation in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This begins with National Park Service policy to maintain or reduce the number of vehicles in our fleet. Yellowstone's fleet management plans include using more fuel efficient vehicles, and choosing the right vehicles for the job. Using the best technology available will help provide opportunities that enable and encourage greener transportation.


2018 Sustainability Report on Fleet and Transportation

Traffic jams are all too common in Yellowstone National Park. Whether it’s caused by visitors stopping to see a bear, bison strolling down the highway, or ongoing construction projects, it’s rare to pass through without having to stop for at least 10 minutes. These stops can unnecessarily increase greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation.

2018 Gasoline Use in Gallons
User 2003*
(Baseline Year)
2016 2017 2018 2018 % Change
from Baseline
NPS 183,100 141,500 130,307 168,338 -8%
Xanterra 128,591 158,299 157,552 158,858 +24%
Delaware North 21,710 26,582 20,770 20,540 -5%
YPSS -- 5,721 9,879 9,229 --
Medcor/USPS -- 1,600 1,270 1,270 --
2018 Totals 333,401 333,702 319,778 358,235 --
2018 Diesel Use in Gallons
User 2003*
(Baseline Year)
2016 2017 2018 2018 % Change
from Baseline
NPS 132,600 167,200 188,106 228,486 +72%
Xanterra 31,673 67,875 62,653 58,868 +86%
Delaware North 7,561 9,898 7,800 6,001 -21%
YPSS -- 8,582 4,233 3,958 --
Medcor/USPS -- 0 0 0 --
2018 Totals 171,834 253,555 262,792 297,313 --
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    A view of Mount Washburn with purple flowers in the foreground and a snow patch off in the distance

    Changes in Yellowstone Climate

    Scientists with the National Park Service and other organizations closely monitor variables that may reflect a changing climate.

    A smoke plume rises into a blue sky across a wide landscape

    Air Quality

    Yellowstone National Park is a Class I airshed.

    Last updated: December 19, 2019

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