Yellowstone National Park Fire Update, 8-29-2016

August 29, 2016 Posted by: Yellowstone Fire Information
The south entrance of Yellowstone National Park remains closed due to the Berry Fire in Grand Teton National Park. Park visitors wishing to enter/exit through the south entrance of Yellowstone National Park will be unable to do so at this time. Fire managers currently anticipate being able to reopen access to the south entrance sometime Tuesday, August 30. This is subject to change dependent on weather and fire conditions. All other entrances to Yellowstone remain open at this time; this includes the east entrance, northeast entrance (Cooke City), north entrance (Gardiner), and west entrance (West Yellowstone).

For Grand Teton road information call (307) 739-3614.

Currently all roads within Yellowstone National Park are open. Only the south entrance is closed.Park visitor facilities, including park concession-operated services, and businesses in surrounding communities are not impacted by the fires and remain open.

Active fire behavior is expected to continue for the next week due to progressively hotter and drier conditions and gusty westerly winds. 

Yesterday the Maple Fire grew approximately 1,650 acres. The Maple Fire is approximately 3.8 miles from West Yellowstone, 1.8 miles from Madison Junction and 3.7 miles from the Mount Holmes Lookout. Last night the fire approached the road in the area of the 7 Mile Bridge and is visible from the road.Traffic control may be implemented if heavy smoke is present on the road.

A Chinook helicopter dropped water on the northwest corner of the fire to assist firefighters.Today fire crews will be deploying hose lays near Cougar Creek in support of potential burnout operations designed to confine the fire within the park. Small burnout operations will continue as opportunities present themselves in the 7 Mile Bridge area to provide a clean fire edge that reduces spotting, flanking, and other control issues while providing an anchor point for crews along the southern flank to hold the fire north of the Madison River (west of 7 Mile Bridge).

Fire crews continue to work on fuels reduction projects on the western boundary of the park in the vicinity of West Yellowstone and the Duck Creek subdivision. Fuel reduction and structure protection measures at Madison Junction have been completed.Similar measures are currently being implemented in the Norris area.

There will be a Maple Fire community meeting tonight, Aug 29 at 7:30 pm at the LDS Church, 245 Faithful St., West Yellowstone, MT.

The Buffalo Fire grew approximately 345 acres yesterday. It is burning in open Douglas-fir forest, grass and sage. The fire backed down toward the Slough Creek Campground yesterday. It’s likely a Slough Creek Campground closure will be implemented today.

The Fawn Fire grew approximately 15 acres yesterday.The majority of fire activity was within the existing perimeter.When topography, fuels and wind align, continued growth is expected.

The Central Fire grew approximately 85 acres yesterday.It is primarily burning in mixed conifer forest.However it has also spotted to the east into an area that burned during the 2015 Spruce Fire, where it is burning heavy dead and down logs on the forest floor.

Valleys, including West Yellowstone, should expect smoke in the morning under a prevailing inversion pattern. Smoke reports for West Yellowstone are posted daily to Visit for information on fires and your health. 

For additional details on current fires and fire restrictions visit our Current Fire Activity page.  

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Last updated: August 29, 2016

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