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November 10, 2012 Posted by: Jessica Gerdes, Librarian

(left) Painting, Skiing Bear, by Frank Holub, 1975. (right) brochure, by TW Services, 1975-1976(left) Painting, Skiing Bear, by Frank Holub, 1975; (right) brochure, by TW Services, 1975-1976

There is a wealth of information at the Heritage and Research Center. Sometimes researchers don't know it, but items pertinent to their topics can be found in the library, the archives, and in the museum. For instance, if you were going to be researching the Yellowstone Park Company, you might find an original painting in the museum collection, the brochure that came from the painting in the library, and cost information for having the brochures printed in the archives. The pictures to the left are from a 1975/76 winter brochure put out by the company. 

While the library and archives can accommodate most walk-in researchers, it is always good to plan ahead. The museum is by appointment only and it can sometimes be weeks before even email requests can be fulfilled. It is always good to pad your timetable. If your research doesn't take as long as expected, that only means you have more time in the park.

To start researching library items (and some archival items), check out the catalog at

The archives has many finding aids that can be accessed from their main page at

To find out if items you are interested in researching are available in the museum collection, contact XXT%2624 &r=/yell/historyculture/blog.htm">e-mail us



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