"I still believe in a place called Hope." President Clinton

On August 19, 1946, Virginia Blythe gave birth to her son, William Jefferson Blythe, III. Named for his father who died before he was born, he grew up to become William Jefferson Clinton - the 42nd president of the United States. In this house, he learned many of the early lessons that defined his life and his presidency.

The birthplace home of president Bill Clinton.

President Clinton Birthplace Home

"In this house I learned to walk and talk, I learned to pray, I learned to read..." President Bill Clinton

Figure of Franklin Delanor Roosevelt and his dog.

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Figure of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his dog. Image by: Stefan Fussan

WICL ranger with students during 2015 Junior Ranger Camp

2016 Junior Ranger Camp

WICL ranger with students during 2015 Junior Ranger Camp.

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