Scattering of Ashes

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The serenity of peacefulness of the dunefield invite contemplation.

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A serene and beautiful place that has touched many hearts, White Sands National Park is truly the perfect resting place for your loved one. If you wish to have your loved one memorialized by scattering their ashes on the glistening white sand, we are here to assist you.

Scattering of Ashes Permit Terms and Conditions:

A permit is required for scattering of human ashes from cremation and is allowed at White Sands National Park pursuant to the following terms and conditions:

  • Remains must have been cremated and finely reduced (pulverized).
  • Scattering by persons on the ground must be performed at least 100 yards (91.5 m) from any trail, road, developed facility or body of water.
  • Areas within White Sands National Park where the scattering of human remains are prohibited are: any location south of the Dunes Drive from the Dune Life Nature Trail to Roadrunner Picnic Area, the Big Pedestal Road from park headquarters to the end, the Backcountry Camping Area, and within one mile (1.61 km) of the visitor center and headquarters complex.
  • Scattered human remains shall not be distinguishable to the general public, and shall not be left in any type of container.
  • Containers shall be removed from the area.
  • Except for authorization to disperse human remains by scattering, nothing in this permit shall be construed as authorizing an entry or activity otherwise prohibited or restricted by law or regulation.
  • A permit must be obtained from the superintendent prior to dispersal of any remains.
  • Adheres to 36 CFR 2.62.
  • Other conditions may apply.

Military Tests

Military tests are scheduled anytime from one month to one day in advance and are subject to change, cancellation, or extension at any time. We recommend you call the monument two weeks prior to your memorial, as well as both the day before and the day of your memorial to ensure that there are no military test closures planned during your memorial. In case of military test interference, the park will work with you to reschedule your memorial.

How to Apply for a Scattering of Ashes Permit

  • Download and complete the special use permit application. If you choose to have a memorial service or honor guard with the scattering of ashes, your application must contain detailed information about the memorial, such as the expected number of guests and if you will be having music, artificial flowers, candles, tents, awnings, chairs, etc. Large memorials may require you to provide port-a-potties and trash receptacles for your event. The more information you include on the initial application, the faster your request will be processed. The permit is valid only for the date of your memorial. The memorial service must adhere to 36 CFR 2.50.
  • Download and read the White Sands Special Park Uses FYI document.
  • Submit the completed special use permit application to The application must be received by the park no less than 21 days prior to the start of the event.
  • Place a secure credit card payment for the application fee over the phone at 575-479-6124 ext. 206. Processing the permit cannot begin until payment has been received.
  • Once payment is received, most applications for permits requests will be processed within 21 working days.
  • After favorable review of your application, your permit will be emailed to you or you may pick it up in person at the park.

After your scattering of ashes permit application is reviewed, you may be contacted to provide additional information or to discuss the details of your permit if the permit cannot be approved with the information provided

If You Have Additional Questions...

Please email Please write “scattering of ashes permit ” in the subject line.

Last updated: November 12, 2023

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