Military Testing Park Closures

Cone and gate across road with red and white  signs reading “Do Not Enter” and “Road Closed”
When military tests are in progress, Dunes Drive is closed to all traffic.

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White Sands Missile Range regularly conducts military tests. For visitor safety, the only road into the dunefield, Dunes Drive, may be closed for periods of up to three hours during military tests. Park staff is usually notified well in advance of scheduled tests; however, notifications from White Sands Missile Range may be received up to 24 hours in advance of a scheduled test. Park staff work to inform the public as far in advance as possible for upcoming tests and park closures.

Please note that all activities along Dunes Drive are prohibited during military tests that require closure of Dunes Drive for visitor safety.

The park visitor center and gift shop remain open during military test closures.

US Highway 70 between White Sands National Park and Las Cruces may also be closed during military testing. For US Highway 70 closure information, call White Sands Missile Range at (575) 678-1178.

Upcoming Park Closure(s):

Date Park Closure Time US 70 Blocked Backcountry Camping
7/23/2024 7 am - 9 am No Closed
8/14/2024 7 am - 8 am No Closed
8/19/2024 7 am - 8 am No Closed

Last updated: July 18, 2024

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