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A senior citizen woman holding cell phone up towards her ear in front of Visitor Center wayside exhibit. The women is listening to the audio version of the wayside.
Listen to audio versions of wayside exhibits outside the Visitor Center and at the Kennedy Memorial!
For visitors that are visually impaired, or for visitors that simply like to learn by listening, seven wayside exhibits in the park have currently been converted into audio files. The first five audio files below describe the wayside exhibits located just outside the Visitor Center, while the last two audio files below describe the wayside exhibits located at the Kennedy Memorial.

In addition to the audio described wayside exhibits, visitors with visual impairments are invited to obtain a park brochure in braille from the Visitor Center. Finally, Whiskeytown's
Facebook and Instagram pages include image descriptions to assist with screen reader software, and Whiskeytown's YouTube page includes audio captions.

Should you have any questions regarding accessibility at Whiskeytown or your visit to the park, please email

Last updated: December 22, 2022

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