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Whiskeytown Hunting Area Map Showing Closed Areas
Whiskeytown NRA Hunting Area Map


Can I hunt at Whiskeytown?

Yes, there are many areas of the park that are open to hunting. The areas that are closed to hunting are shown on this map.
The closed areas have buildings and other facilities that are used by the public or by park employees. Read further down for the list of closed areas.
Some areas of the park remain closed due to hazardous conditons from the Carr Fire. Please check the Current Conditions page to see what areas and roads are currently open.

What hunting zones are in Whiskeytown?

Most of the park falls in Zone B5. Park lands north of Highway 299 fall in Zone B2.

What can I hunt at Whiskeytown?

Deer: Archery season for deer usually begins on the third Saturday in August and ends on the second Sunday in September; rifle season is from the third Saturday in September to the last Sunday in October.
Bear: Archery season for bear usually begins on the third Saturday in August and ends on the second Sunday in September; rifle season is from the third Saturday in September to the last Sunday in October (concurrent with the deer seasons).
Small game (tree squirrels, rabbits, hares): Usually begins the second Saturday in September and ends on the last Sunday in January (archery, shotgun, or falconry)
Waterfowl (ducks, geese, etc.): Generally sometime in October to end of January
Upland game birds (quail, turkey, doves, band-tailed pigeons): Seasons too numerous to mention; see the upland game regulations for California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

What are the rules regarding my hunting weapons?

Before and after hunting, weapons must be unloaded, broken down, and cased. During hunting, weapons may be loaded but they must only be the type of weapon for their hunting license and the open season (for example, no rifles during archery deer season).

What other rules apply at Whiskeytown regarding hunting?

All California state hunting regulations apply, such as hours open to hunting, type of weapon that may be used, no baiting of wildlife, very limited use of hunting dogs, requirement to wear orange safety clothing, no shooting from roads, etc.

Where can I get more information?

Call the Redding office of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife at (530) 225-2300 or visit their office at 601 Locust Street. Visit their website.

Is duck hunting allowed on the lake?

Yes, it is. You may hunt from a boat on Whiskeytown Lake, if the motor isn’t running and the boat isn’t moving. You must follow California Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations and you may not hunt in any closed zones (see the hunting map).

Do I need a federal duck stamp to hunt at Whiskeytown?

Yes, waterfowl hunters 16 years of age or older are required to purchase a duck stamp. In addition to serving as a hunting license and conservation tool, a current federal duck stamp is also a free pass to any national wildlife refuge that charges an entry fee.

Where is hunting prohibited in the park?

The compendium of Whiskeytown National Recreation Area prohibits hunting on the following land areas. The hunting prohibitions are necessary for the safety of visitors and the protection of property and facilities. In all cases, hunting (as defined under 36 C.F.R.1.4 (a)) and/or discharge of any weapon within 300 feet of any structure, designated camping area of other developed recreation site is prohibited.

  • Vicinity of Carr Powerhouse: including, but not limited to areas surrounding National Park Service and private housing, Carr Powerhouse, Carr Powerhouse substation and abandoned sections of California Highway 299.
  • Vicinity of National Park Service housing area/office complex, water treatment facilities and access roads on or near Bull Gulch.
  • Vicinity of Oak Bottom Campground, Oak Bottom Channel and water treatment facilities and private housing on Grizzly Gulch.
  • Vicinity of Liberty Gulch, Whiskey Creek, Whiskeytown Store and the California 299 Bridge at Whiskey Creek Arm.
  • Vicinity of Dry Creek Campground, the Brandy Creek developed sites, National Park Service housing areas and water treatment facilities and their access roads.
  • Vicinity of Whiskeytown Dam, Western Area Power Administration substation, Clear Creek Water District facilities, East Beach, Whiskeytown Headquarters, Visitor Center, and the Spring Creek Tunnel inlet.
  • Vicinity of NEED Camp (Whiskeytown Environmental School), Peltier Bridge Campground, and the area between Paige Bar Road, Mule Town Road, Salt Creek and the Mount Shasta Mine Trail.

Exception to this closure: Hunting of Band-tailed Pigeons is permitted between 12:00 PM Fridays and 12:00 PM Mondays during the legal season as defined by California Department of Fish and Game within the area bounded by Paige Bar Road between the Mount Shasta Mine Trail and the intersection of NEED Camp Access Road; NEED Camp access road from Paige Bar Road to the Clear Creek Bridge; and Clear Creek between the NEED Camp access road bridge and the mouth of Salt Creek on the west, Salt Creek between Mule Town Road and Clear Creek on the south, Mule Town Road between the Mount Shasta Mine Trail and Salt Creek on the east and the Mount Shasta Mine Trail between Paige Bar and Mule Town Roads on the north.

  • Areas within 300 feet of the following primitive campsites: Sheep Camp, Peltier Bridge, Brandy Creek, Crystal Creek, Horse Camp, Boulder Creek and Coggins Park.
  • Areas within and adjacent to the Tower House Historic District in the vicinity of Camden House, Tenant House, El Dorado Mine and the developed parking areas including the private residential property along Clear Creek and National Park Service housing area north of Highway 299.
  • Area within 300 feet perimeter of the property at the summit of Shasta Bally Mountain, leased for private use as a communications facility, and a corridor along the summit access road from the intersection of Shasta Bally Road to its intersection with the defined perimeter.

Last updated: September 24, 2020

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