Birds of Whiskeytown

Whiskeytown is home to around 160 resident and migratory bird species. Federally Threatened bald eagles and northern spotted owls are two of the focal bird species in the park. Nesting bald eagles were first documented in the park in 1973, and the park's first northern spotted owl nest was discovered in 1994.

In addition to these focal species, five federal Species of Concern (northern goshawk, olive-sided flycatcher, rufous hummingbird, red-breasted sapsucker, and California thrasher), one California Threatened species (bank swallow), and nine California Species of Special Concern (Cooper's hawk, sharp-shinned hawk, osprey, yellow-breasted chat, yellow warbler, common loon, California gull, double-breasted cormorant, and merlin) have been documented in the park.

Download Whiskeytown's Bird list (pdf, 86K).

Last updated: March 1, 2015

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