Art in the Park Contest 2023

A painting of flowers growing along a wall with a wooden fence next to it.
Winner of the Advanced Artist Category and Winner of the Weir Masterpiece Award

"Climbing Rose" by Laura Gould,

Weir Farm NHP would like to thank and congratulate all of the artists who entered this year's Art in the Park Contest and Exhibit! Artists from all over submitted an image of a piece of artwork inspired by or made at Weir Farm.

Virtual Art Exhibit

All artwork entered in the contest is now featured on the park's website as part of an online exhibit. With 125 submissions, the 2023 Virtual Art in the Park Exhibit focuses on showcasing the artistic inspiration and creativity that Weir Farm NHP inspires!

To view the virtual art exhibit, click on the six large images below. The art exhibit is split into six different categories.

Visitors' Choice Awards

The 2023 Art in the Park Contest Visitors' Choice Awards consisted of two rounds of voting, with the top 5 works of art from open voting advancing to a final round, which took place at online on October 21, 2023. In total, 218 visitor votes were placed in this nail-biting creative competition for the highly coveted Visitors' Choice Award. Congratulations to Norm Dick, and his painting, "Weir Wall" for winning the Visitors' Choice Award!


A Special Thanks to Contest Judges and Partners

A warm thank you to the three contest judges, Weir Farm art instructors Pat Hegnauer, Bobbi Eike Mullen and Dmitri Wright, for their expertise and generosity in determining this year's winners. Also, a huge thank you to park partners G&B Cultural Center, Friends of Weir Farm, and Weir Farm Art Alliance for your support of local artists and Weir Farm's Art in the Park programming.

A painting of a red building with seven windows. The building is surrounded by tall grass.
Pat Hegnauer

"The Ice House" by Pat Hegnauer

A painting of an artist painting with an easel. In the background are two red buildings in a meadow.
Bobbi Eike Mullen

"Weir Inspiration" by Bobbi Eike Mullen

A painting of yellow flowers growing next to a stone wall and apple trees.
Dmitri Wright

"Weir Farm Tiger Lillies and Apples" by Dmitri Wright


2023 Virtual Art in the Park Exhibit

September 30, 2023 — April 30, 2024

To view the virtual art exhibit, click on the images below.

A painting of a red building next to several black barren trees. The sky is dark with a yellow moon.
Advanced Artist Category

Second Place: "Full Moon in Gemini, Midnight (Weir Caretaker’s Cottage, December 2013)" by Eileen Tavolacci

A painting of a tree with a stone wall in front of it.
Beginner Adult Artist Category

First Place: "Tree in the Rain" by Raquel Z.

A drawing of a pink flower plant with a stone wall and a red barn in the background.
Teen Artist Category

First Place: "Spider Flower at Weir Farm" by Mateo Soni

A painting of a red and white building with a black door surrounded by blue sky and green grass.
Junior Artist Category

First Place: "The Outside Garden" by Lyla G.

A photograph of fall leaves floating in a hole in a rock filled with water.
Photography Category

First Place: "Fall Reflections" by Sandy Griesbach

A painting of orange and red flowers growing in a garden. There is a red building with an open door.
NPS Staff, Partner and VIP Category

First Place: "Marigolds at Weir" by Leslie Carone


Full List of Winners and Honorable Mentions

Advanced/Professional Artist Awards

1st, Weir Masterpiece Award: Laura Gould, "Climbing Rose"
2nd: Eileen Tavolacci, "Full Moon in Gemini, Midnight (Weir Caretaker’s Cottage, December 2013)"
3rd: Pat Genova, "Weir Farm, Orchard"

Honorable Mentions:
Cathleen Nardo, "Rhapsody in Green"
Mina Newton Nespoli, "Sunset Pond"
Mary Patrice Pino, "Flowers and Foliage at the Farm"
Renee Santhouse, "Woodlands 2"
Cindy Sinor, "Julian Weir Rocks"
Lindsay Close Wallace, "Sunken Garden at Weir Farm"

Beginner Adult Artist Awards

1st: Raquel Z., "Tree in the Rain"
2nd: Cheryl Ann Malecki, "Springtime Weir Farm"
3rd: Alicia Moniz, "Threads of Weir Farm"

Honorable Mentions:
Lisa Jensen, "The Pollinator"
Chloe Kiernan, "The Perspective of Weir Farm"

Teen Artist Awards

1st: Mateo Soni, "Spider Flower at Weir Farm"
2nd: Ellie Hunter, "Daylilies at Weir Farm"
3rd: Jesus, "Weir Farm"

Honorable Mentions:
Alyssa Goodman, "Pretty and Pink"
Jasmine Soraya, "Angel Behind the Mountain"

Junior Artist Awards

1st: Lyla G., "The Outside Garden"
2nd: Victor Z., "A Garden Wall"
3rd: Ryan Lowthert, "South Terrace Tree"

Honorable Mentions:
Holland Kakos, "Cool Summer"
Clara Kopit-Nebel, "Clara Painting"
Emilia Z., "The Thing"

Photography Awards

1st: Sandy Griesbach, "Fall Reflections"
2nd: D.M. Kocsis, "Studio Angles"
3rd: Melissa Rose Lawrence, "Morning Tiger Lily"

Honorable Mentions:
Krisann Benson, "Weir Farm"
Kathleen Fay, "After the Rain"
Rod Murray, "Autumn at Weir Farm National Park"

NPS Staff, Partner, and Volunteer Awards

1st: Leslie Carone (Art Instructor), "Marigolds at Weir"
2nd: Michael Wolfman (Tour Guide), "Spring @ Weir Farm"
3rd: Richard Bauer (Garden Crew), "Terraced Garden - Weir Farm National Historical Park"

Honorable Mentions:
Leslie Cullen (Tour Guide), "New Spring"
Kristin Lessard (Park Staff), "Moonlit Inspiration"
Laurel McKenzie (Park Staff), "Nightshine"
Elizabeth Poland (Park Staff), "In the Weir House"

Visitors' Choice Awards

1st: Norm Dick, "Weir Wall"
2nd: Lindsay Close Wallace, "Sunken Garden at Weir Farm"
3rd: Mateo Soni, "Spider Flower at Weir Farm"

Honorable Mentions:
Peter M. Kokoszka, "Simple Life"
Mary Patrice Pino, "Flowers and Foliage at the Farm"

Last updated: October 25, 2023

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