Art in the Park Contest 2022

A night painting of a wooden barn with a full moon above it.
Winner of the Advanced Artist Category and Winner of the Weir Masterpiece Award

"Weir Twilight" by Lisa D'Amico,

Weir Farm NHP would like to thank and congratulate all of the artists who entered this year's Art in the Park Contest and Exhibit! Artists from all over submitted an image of a piece of artwork inspired by or made at Weir Farm.

A Special Thanks to Contest Judges and Partners

A warm thank you to the three contest judges, Weir Farm art instructors Bobbi Eike Mullen, Dmitri Wright, and Pat Hegnauer, for their expertise and generosity in determining this year's winners. Also, a huge thank you to park partners G&B Cultural Center, Friends of Weir Farm, and Weir Farm Art Alliance for your support of local artists and Weir Farm's Art in the Park programming.

Virtual Art Exhibit

All artwork entered in the contest is now featured on the park's website as part of an online exhibit. With 150 submissions, the 2022 Virtual Art in the Park Exhibit focuses on showcasing the artistic inspiration and creativity that Weir Farm NHP inspires!

To view the virtual art exhibit, click on the images below. The art exhibit is split into six different categories.

Visitors' Choice Awards

The Visitors' Choice Awards consisted of two rounds of voting, with the top 5 works of art from open voting advancing to final round, which took place at the Art in the Park Festival and on the park's Facebook on October 15, 2022. In total, 371 visitor votes were placed in this nail-biting creative competition for the highly coveted Visitors' Choice Award. Congratulations to Maren Kreutzer, and her watercolor painting, "The Fox of Weir Farm" for winning the Visitors' Choice Award!

2022 Virtual Art in the Park Exhibit

September 30, 2022 - April 30, 2022

To view the virtual art exhibit, click on the images below.

A painting of a green pantry filled with food and storage containers.
Advanced Artist Category

Second Place: "The Farmhouse Pantry" by Marianne Holtermann

A painting of a bird flying in front of a red building with a double green door.
Beginner Adult Artist Category

First Place: "Industrious Robin" by Lori Colt

A digital painting of a birdhouse in a field.
Teen Artist Category

First Place: "Dappled Birdhouse" by Lea Sanchez-Dubois

A painting of a backside of a red house with lots of windows.
Junior Artist Category

First Place: "The Back of the Weir House" by Evan Brindley

A boy painting sitting on a rock painting a the garden.
Photography Category

First Place: "Boy Painting in the Garden" by Jane Novia O’Reilly

A drawing of a bird flying near a bird house.
NPS Staff, Partner and VIP Category

First Place: "Rooms for Wrent" by Barbara Kaplan


Full List of Winners and Honorable Mentions

Advanced/Professional Artist Awards

1st, Weir Masterpiece Award: Lisa D'Amico, "Weir Twilight"
2nd: Marianne Holtermann, "The Farmhouse Pantry"
3rd: Elizabeth Kane Arturi, "October Gold"

Honorable Mentions:
Eleanor O'Keefe Anderson, "Morning Sun at Weir"
Kerri McKay, "Weir House and Studio Up the Hill"
Cathleen Nardo, "Destination Weir"
Eugene Willingham, "Super Moon Rising at Weir Farm"

Beginner Adult Artist Awards

1st: Lori Colt, "Industrious Robin"
2nd: Michael Jaykus, "The Shed at Weir Farm"
3rd: Donna Atkins, "Weir Barn"

Honorable Mentions:
Jennifer Dehorty, "Stories in Stones"
Marina Golos, "Weir Garden"
Stewart Miller, "Rooted in History"
CJ Simko, "Yellow Sky"

Teen Artist Awards

1st: Lea Sanchez-Dubois, "Dappled Birdhouse"
2nd: Mia Andre, "Weir Farm"
3rd: Maren Kreutzer, "The Fox of Weir Farm"

Honorable Mentions:
Josh Arouni, "Growth, Rebirth and the Pursuit of Prosperity for Weir Farm"
Madison Lowthert, "Night Sky at Weir South Terrace"

Junior Artist Awards

1st: Evan Brindley, "The Back of the Weir House"
2nd: Keira Bartok, "Summer in the Secret Garden"
Tied for 3rd: Noemie Cody, "Weir Farm Summer Day"
Tied for 3rd: Leopold Linval, "Painted Violet"

Honorable Mentions:
Will B., "Perfect Day"
Benjamin Brindley, "The Green Doors of Weir Studio"
Riley Coer, "Weir Farm Butterflies"
Tobias Norton, "A Red Farm"
Mary S., "Weir Farm"

Photography Awards

1st: Jane Novia O'Reilly, "Boy Painting in the Garden"
2nd: Anastasia Watson, "Junior Ranger at Weir Pond"
3rd: Dylan Miller, "Heritage"

Honorable Mentions:
Mike Esposito, "Summer Corral
Lawrence Mills, "Winter at Weir Studio"

NPS Staff, Partner, and Volunteer Awards

1st: Barbara Kaplan (Garden Crew), "Rooms for Wrent"
2nd: Chris Burke (Park Staff), "A Winter's Day"
3rd: Gwyn Blanton (WFAA Board Member), "Wings on the Wind"

Honorable Mentions:
Bailey Foltz (Take Part in Art Volunteer), "Garden"
Alexandra Sullivan (Studio Docent), "Windows of Weir"
Andrea White (Trail Monitor), "Fall Reflection on Weir Pond"

Visitors' Choice Awards

1st: Maren Kreutzer, "The Fox of Weir Farm"
2nd: Peter M. Kokoszka, "Barnyard Jubliee"
3rd: Lea Sanchez-Dubois, "Dappled Birdhouse"

Honorable Mentions:
Evan Brindley, "The Back of the Weir House"
Stewart Miller, "Rooted in History"

Last updated: October 11, 2023

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