For Kids: Be a Junior Ranger

Weir Farm Junior Ranger Badge with dotted line around edge to cut out at home

Virtual Junior Ranger Program

Become a Weir Farm NHS Junior Ranger from home! Explore the park website and find the 6 items below. Once you complete the website scavenger hunt, take the Junior Ranger Pledge online with Ranger Amanda in the video below and become an official Weir Farm NHS Junior Ranger!

Weir Farm Website Scavenger Hunt

Explore the park website and find the following objects to complete our Virtual Junior Ranger program. Have fun learning about Weir Farm NHS along the way!
Section of Weir Painting - a white farm animal, possibly a horse, grazes in the pasture with trees and blue sky behind
1) Can you find which J. Alden Weir painting this came from? *Hint: Look in the Historic Artwork Galleries
Historic Black and White Photo of a little girl and dog seated on the steps of the Weir House

2) Find the names of this little girl and her dog in the Historic Photo Gallery.

Section of Mahonri Young Etching - Black and White print of man building stone wall
3) Take a look through the Historic Artwork Galleries and find which piece of art this image is taken from. *Hint: It was created by Mahonri Young
Red flower with 5 petals
4) Name this flower! *Hint: You can find lots of flowers in the Modern Landscape Photographs Gallery
Image of 4 carved woodblocks used for making a print, each with a different design and color, including red, dark blue, light blue, green.
5) Visit the Collections Gallery to discover who carved these woodblocks.
Section of Sperry Andrews painting that includes a chair, shelves with items used for art-making painted in brown and orange tones.
6) Can you figure out which Sperry Andrews painting this image comes from? *Hint: Look in the Historic Artwork Galleries
Virtual Weir Farm Junior Ranger Stamp for National Park Passport

Congratulations, you are now a Weir Farm Junior Ranger!

Don't forget to take the Junior Ranger Pledge with Ranger Amanda in the video below and print off your Junior Ranger Badge from above. You can also print the Junior Ranger stamp to the right and add it to your passport book to show you took the Spring 2020 Virtual Junior Ranger Tour!
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1 minute, 12 seconds

Join Ranger Amanda and take the Weir Farm National Historic Site Junior Ranger Pledge.


In-Park Junior Ranger Activities

Weir Farm National Historic Site is a fun place for kids to explore and learn! Complete one of the following activities during your next visit to the park to earn a Junior Ranger badge; complete more than one to earn a special Junior Ranger patch.

A young girl in a blue shirt is crouched down and looking at the ground with a magnifying glass

Explore Your Senses

Explore the colors, textures and sounds that make up Weir Farm with our scavenger hunt activity. Available in season only.

Painting of tree and Weir House by Sperry Andrews

Let's Go Letterboxing

Use clues to navigate the landscape and locate five hidden containers, or letterboxes, which contain stamps. Available in season only.

Find Life in the Pond

Pick up a backpack containing art and nature-oriented activities to complete on a nature walk around Weir Pond. Available in season only.

"I Spy"

Take a guided tour of the Weir House or visit the Weir and Young Studios. Keep your eyes wide open to find objects listed in the I Spy bookl


Download Junior Ranger Activities

Print PDFs double-sided on the short edge.
LETTERBOX Cover Backcover Directions 9 (PDF - 5.38 MB)
LETTERBOX Page 1, Page 2, Page 7, Page 8 (PDF - 1.31 MB)
LETTERBOX Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6 (PDF - 491 KB)

POND PACK Cover Backcover Directions Stop 6 (PDF - 6.38 MB)
POND PACK Stops 1 2 3 4 5 (PDF - 3.09 MB)


More for Kids

Kids in Parks

Find fun activities on the National Park Service Kids in Parks page, including online Junior Ranger activities, games, and more!

Scout Ranger

Girl Scout and Boy Scout groups can earn special badges and certificates for completing our Junior Ranger Activities. Groups should contact (203) 834-1896 x11 for more information and to make arrangements for a group visit. All scout groups must schedule thier visit in advance.


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