Basic Information

Each season offers a different experience: lush springs, moderate summers, golden falls, and snowy winters. Average temperatures are 22°F (-6 C) in January and 60°F (16 C) in July. Temperature extremes range from a high of 84°F (29 C) in summer to -30°F (-34C) in winter. Precipitation is heavier during summer monsoon rains (thunderstorms) in July and August and winter snowstorms in December through March. Higher elevation lends to much cooler temperatures than nearby Albuquerque.

Entrance Fees:

Entrance Fee - By Vehicle - $20.00

Non-commercial car, van, pickup truck, motorcycle or RV: $20 per vehicle (no per-person fee)

Entrance Fee - By Foot, Bicycle, Horse, or Non-commercial Bus - $10.00

Entry into the preserve by foot, bicycle, horse, or non-commercial bus: $10 per person aged 16 and older (academic fee waivers may be available for curriculum-based educational trips)

Valle Grande Visitor Center

The Valle Grande Visitor Center has interpretive displays, offers recreational permits, and serves as fee collection site. Visitor center is open daily except Thanksgiving and Christmas days.

About 120,000 visitors come to the preserve each year to enjoy activities such as hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, and simply enjoying this southwest geologic gem. The busy season in Valles Caldera runs from May-October.
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Be Prepared
Preparing for your visit to Valles Caldera ahead of time will let you spend more time enjoying the scenic beauty of the preserve once you arrive.
  • For changing weather conditions.
  • For wildlife -- please slow down and use pullouts to watch wildlife and do not approach wildlife.
  • Be bear aware.
  • Stay on designated trails.
  • Control your pet. Pets are not allowed on most trails, in the backcountry or along streams.
  • Cell phone service is available in the Valle Grande area of the preserve.
  • Protect yourself from the sun by wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • The nearest gas station is 20 miles from the preserve's main entrance.
Remember, your safety is your responsibility.

Last updated: December 23, 2016

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