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Captured from wildlife cameras along the Santa Cruz River, this sequence of footage illustrates the rich diversity of life that Tumacácori's habitat provides.


Wildlife at Tumacácori

Mammals such as coyote, javelina, and raccoon, twenty-four documented species of reptiles and amphibians all make Tumacácori their home. Notable insects such as the giant mesquite bug, tarantula, tarantula hawk, velvet ant, and several species of pollinating butterflies also enrich the habitats in the park.

Although the mission grounds and picnic area are wonderful places to observe wildlife, a few hotspots offer a particularly rich diversity of animal life:

- the riparian corridor along the Santa Cruz River
- the courtyard garden at the Visitor Center
- mesquite bosque (forest) environments
- the heritage orchard

As always, help keep wildlife wild by not handling, chasing, feeding, or harassing any of the creatures who make this place their home.

bright red and black bird
Vermillion flycatchers are common but always delightful to see in the mission grounds.

NPS Photo / Jeff Axel

A Birder's Paradise

Tumacácori has an extraordinary abundance of bird life due to its southern latitude and diversity of habitats. Over 200 species of birds have been documented within the park's boundaries. Guided bird walks are offered on a regular basis and visitors can also pick up a bird list at the visitor center.


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Last updated: December 30, 2017

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