Birds, Butterflies & Dragonflies

a close up image of a brightly colored dragonfly
Dragonflies (like this one photographed in the park) are indicators of a healthy eco-system.


The Timucuan Preserve has many great places to look for birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. The observation platform in the Theodore Roosevelt Area is a favorite spot for bird enthusiasts. Shorebirds are often seen in the marshes and beaches near Fort George Island. Butterflies can often be spotted in the spring at the Kingsley Plantation garden.

Florida is home to more than a 150 species of odonates belonging to three families of damselflies and six families of dragonflies. They can be seen near any body of water or running stream, often sitting in sunspots breaking through the forest canopy along a river or pond, or patrolling the water's edge. Some species can be found in open fields far away from water while searching for prey or while migrating. Learn more from the University of Florida Entomology Department.

Bring Butterflies to Your Backyard

Timucuan Preserve Bird Checklist (pdf - 202 KB)

North American Migratory Bird Count, 9/17/05 (pdf - 9 KB)

Painted Buntings

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