Further Reading on the Timucuan

For Kids

The Timucua Indians: A Native American Detective Story by Kelley G. Weitzel

Plants and People: A Florida Plant Guide. https://www.flpublicarchaeology.org/resources/Plants_and_People_guide.pdf

Timucua Technology: A Middle Grade Florida Curriculum


For Adults

Florida Indians and the Invasion from Europe by Jeraald T. Milanich

A History of the Timucua Indians and Missions by John H. Hann

For Scholars

A Grammar and Dictionary of the Timucua Language by Julian Granberry

De Bry’s Engravings of the Timucua: https://www.floridamemory.com/collections/debry/

These website improvements on the story of the Timucua-speaking people were made possible through the internship of Caroline Newberg, New College of Florida.

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Last updated: August 7, 2019

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