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Volunteers give us a great gift - their time and energy! There are a variety of projects that volunteers make possible, from special events to staffing the visitor center.

Timucuan Preserve Volunteer Neil Adams was featured in the August 2009 AARP Magazine.

Neil lives in his RV and volunteers at Fort Caroline National Memorial. Click here to read an excerpt of the article.

Volunteer Application (see addresses below)

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Sending in a volunteer application?

Once your application is received, we will compare your interests with park projects. If we think we find a good match, we will contact you. We will ask for references at that time.

Send your application to the site at which you wish to volunteer.

Volunteer Coordinator
Fort Caroline National Memorial
12713 Fort Caroline Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32225
Phone: 904.641.7155
Fax: 904.641.3798

Volunteer Coordinator
Kingsley Plantation
11676 Palmetto Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32226
Phone: 904.251.3537
Fax: 904.251.3577


Current Volunteer Opportunities

volunteers shooting, installing recycling stations and giving tours
Volunteers help the park in so many ways. 

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